2011 CWA - Points #1 Jumbo Results

CWA Points Tournament #1 @ Jumbo Reservoir April 30-May 1, 2011 Recap

Jumbo-what a quality Walleye lake this sleeping beauty has become in only 4 years. Coming in at 1600 acres (roughly twice the size of Cherry Creek) the Walleye caught were very impressive to say the least. A special thanks to our local DOW Biologist Mandi Brandt and Ben Swigle who have been managing this lake since it was drained just over 4 years ago; they have done an amazing job on this fishery. Mandi and Jack Wieland were present for the weigh-ins and to their delight; our angler’s great success was the icing on the cake. Thanks to Tom Kroening for allowing the CWA the opportunity to fish our first point’s tournament on Jumbo and make this event possible. We were impressed with all local residents and spectators who traveled down from Sidney NE to see our weigh in on Sunday afternoon, thank you all for taking an interest in our club. A Special thank you goes out to all the surrounding towns (Sterling, Crook, Sedgwick, Julesburg and Sidney NE) for their hospitality and support of our tournament anglers. As convenience would have it with a day 1 cancellation due to excessive winds, Cabela’s “World’s Foremost Outfitter” was only a half hour away from the lake. So, many anglers spent their day at Cabela’s to purchase important tackle and gear. Some stayed behind and worked on their boats, trailers and tackle organization while strategizing for Sunday. What ever happened on Saturday, it worked because on Sunday our anglers proved why they are among some of the best Walleye fisherman in the State.

On Saturday our tournament was cancelled based on numerous weather forecasts calling for excessive wind. The forecasts were correct with wind gusts exceeding 58 mph reported with sustained winds ranging from 20-30 mph all day. The winds were relentless to say the least. The conditions present on Saturday were neither safe nor conducive for our tournament anglers and day 1 of our competition was cancelled for safety reasons in addition to a single lane boat ramp without a dock to load and unload. But, we have to recognize one of our Gold sponsors, Boyer’s Coffee www.boyerscoffee.com for providing coffee and a premium set-up to ensure all anglers had excellent coffee during the delay prior to the cancellation, thank you Boyer’s. But, even with the winds bucking all day, we had all hands on deck to have our Saturday night dinner. With creative parking to help reduce gusts of wind and improvisation to keep the fryers functioning, we held our Saturday evening family dinner. With anglers spread across 30+ miles in either direction we still had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed great fried chicken and delicious side dishes from our tournament anglers while sharing a meal with families and friends. With our minor delays caused by the wind, it gave us the opportunity to recognize some of our sponsors and ample chances for attendees to win sponsor products to use on their next outing. Thanks to Reef Runner www.reefrunner.com BioEdge www.bioedgefishing.com , Cabela’swww.cabelas.com and Fin-Tech www.jigfish.com/company.htm for their support of our club. Don’t worry if you missed out or did not win because every Saturday night dinner participants will have a chance to win product from our club sponsors. A special thanks to Emile and Jane Van Hoye, Ray Deichsel Sr., Derek Kathol, Tami Cundiff and Monty Tapp for all the food preparation and hard work that went into making the fried chicken.

On Sunday there was a mix of trollers, jiggers, spoon enthusiast and live bait riggers but it seemed the live bait anglers had the winning presentation for Jumbo Reservoir Walleye. Even with many anglers struggled pre-fishing our anglers put on their game faces Sunday am and prevailed to conquer the nomadic Walleye of Jumbo. On Sunday, it was on like Donkey Kong and the Walleye were not prepared for the skills of the CWA anglers. With one of the fastest finishes in many years, the team of Brent Henry and Shane Klein were on the keepers immediately and comfortably off the lake by 9 am. As impressive as this quick finish was, it was the team work demonstrated that made this early finish even more impressive. Brent had recent surgery on his dominate hand and was only operating with one arm but this compatible team adapted and figured out a pattern that worked for them even under the awkward conditions which lead them to a 3rd place finish. The team of Justin Jones and Randy Allenbaugh were confident in their “honey hole” and stayed in small location to receive second place by jigging and Lindy Rigging. But, they were edged out by the team of Gene Metschke and Larry Call by a mere 0.51 ounces. Gene and Larry’s s winning pattern was live bait rigging and pure determination. Big fish for the day went to Chet Williams and Koby Kielman at 4.49 lbs. We had a total of 5 fish exceeding 4 lbs for the tournament and a total of 82 fish were weighed over our 15 ¼” minimum size requirement, for a grand total of 215.88 lbs of Walleye turned in by our anglers. Within the mix, there were many different techniques used and weeding though smaller Walleye was a task for all teams, but most reported bigger fish in the am and plenty of stories of the “one that got away”.

Our Ranger Cup winners www.rangerboats.com/staticPages/rcup.cfm were the team of Brent Henry and Shane Klein who received additional $150 from Crowley Marine. The top Sylvan or Smoker Craft award on behalf of Crowley Marine www.crowleymarine.com for $50 went to the overall top team of Gene Metschke and Larry Call. Our top placing Cabela’s Angler Cash went to the team of Don and Andreas Watt. During the random drawing the team of Mike Latimer and Preston Vines offset their fuel cost with a $100 fuel card courtesy of Centennial Leasing and sales www.centleasing.com/co/home.asp. Please thank all our sponsors for their contributions and support. Please visit them following the links below for you next purchase.

One thing for sure, this was a great opportunity for our anglers to visit a new lake and witness firsthand the quality of Walleye in Jumbo Reservoir. Granted, Jumbo was a new lake where experience on home waters was nonexistent and forced anglers to learn and adapt, but this was a great opportunity to expose a new and upcoming Walleye lake in Colorado. It was exciting for all of us that participated and had a great time. This particular lake took all of us out of our element but at the same time we also did our part by helping nearby towns generate some extra revenue in much needed times.

We had many anglers who had not heard of this lake prior to our announcement of our first point’s tournament and at the end of the tournament, I can confidently say many of us will be back to Jumbo to enjoy another great day on the water. I want to thank everyone for your participation and support of the Colorado Walleye Association and the DOW for granting us the opportunity to hold our event on Jumbo Reservoir. We have a great club and excellent fisherman and if you have not fished one of our tournaments, you have no idea of what you are missing. Please take time to visit those who support our club and thank the DOW for all their efforts.

Thanks for your participation,













Final Results

Boat Owner 2nd Member Mixed or Youth Teams Saturday Sunday Total Overall Place Youth Overall Mixed Overall Points
Team # Angler #1 Angler #2 Weight # Alive # Dead Weight # Alive # Dead Penalty Nt Weight Sat + Sun
4 Gene Metschke Larry Call 16.45 5 1 100
32 Justin Jones Randy Allenbaugh 15.94 5 2 99
29 Brent Henry Shane Klein 15.00 5 3 98
6 Jim Smid Chris Vaith 14.05 5 4 97
33 Dave Kooser Powers Cayce 13.90 5 5 96
14 Don Watt Andreas Watt 12.70 5 6 95
27 Barry Cundiff Eric Thorn 12.50 5 7 94
26 Brian Henry John Fast 11.89 5 8 93
9 Steve Katz Bob Katz 11.09 3 9 92
10 Mike Latimer Preston Vines 10.29 4 10 91
2 Troy Glover Rod Lee 9.92 4 11 90
28 Bobby Liley David Kovacs 9.73 5 12 89
20 Larry Walker Cam Walker 8.51 3 13 88
11 Jim Thibodeau Gregor Eigsti 7.70 3 14 87
30 Adam Baughman Bill Baughman 5.36 2 - 15 86
3 Chet Williams Koby Kielman 4.49 1 16 85
7 Curt Hannon Monty Tapp 4.48 2 17 84
18 Brad Qualley Mitch Peterson 4.45 3 18 83
25 Roger Owens Mike Nolde 4.23 1 19 82
36 Cary Weaver Ryan Bartingale 3.53 1 20 81
1 Ray Deichsel Ray G Deichsel 3.07 2 21 80
15 Jack Blair Dennis Wiseman 2.98 1 22 79
5 Todd Christofferson Frank Becvar 2.70 2 23 78
12 Ron Hammel Terry Schleski 2.42 1 24 77
34 Darrel Jarred Stan Citrowski 2.39 1 25 76
16 Gary Mongelli Grace Mongelli M 2.38 1 26 2.38 75
21 Alan Katz Robert Katz 1.97 1 27 74
23 Dan Stringer Shandra Stringer M 1.76 1 28 73
8 Bill Potts Troy Parson - - 29 5
13 Emile VanHoye Jane VanHoye M - - 30 5
17 William Lyon Tanna Lyon M - - 31 5
19 Ronnie L Snyder Ronnie D Snyder - - 32 5
22 Dutch Denbleyker Bob Hartman - - 33 5
24 Shawn Hooks Tiffany Hooks M - - 34 5
31 Derek Kathol Gail Kathol M - - 35 5
35 Richard Patterson Whitney Patterson NS NS NS NS - - NS 36 5
215.88 82
Additiona Info:
Total Boats 35
Walleye over 4lbs 5 (4.03-4.49lbs)
Big Fish 4.49
Ave. Wt. per fish 2.63
Total fish weighed 82
Total Loss 2 Walleye (16-17")
% Loss 0.02
Creel Survey from anglers (Sun. only)
Walleye Size # Caught
<10" 23
10-15" 382
15-18" 55
18-20" 32
20-25" 13
Other Species # Caught
Trout 14
Carp 3
Yellow Belly Catfish 1 (6")
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