2011 CWA - Points #3 Big Mac Results

Points Tournament #3 Lake McConaughy June 11-12, 2011

Brought to you by Smooth Moves Seats

Lake McConaughy aka “Big Mac” lived up to its reputation and was 96% full and the lake is now a big body of water with lots of lumber in the water from years of low water levels. Our launch site was Admirals Cove and a special thanks to Scott and his hospitality and accommodations at Admirals Cove Resort www.admiralscoveresort.com . Scott let us hold our Friday night rules meeting on their new deck and host our am boat check in outside their store. In addition Scott even assisted in helping us brew our Boyer’s Coffee www.boyerscoffee.com each morning in his store which made operations a breeze and helped with those last minute purchases of food, batteries and miscellaneous items. With an active bite pre-fishing JC Tackle (308)355-2793 provided quality bait for all our anglers, ice, gas and miscellaneous tackle and lures that were lost during pre fishing. It’s always a pleasure to purchase from quality people and meet the local store owners and enjoy lively conversations. We cannot thank you enough for your support for our club and look forward to doing business with you in the near future.

 With all the new water in Big Mac, fishing the lake is like fishing a new lake each and every time. Just a year ago we fished Big Mac and the water was approximately 24 vertical feet lower than what we witnessed at this tournament at water elevations of 96% and on the rise. Given a few more great years of water levels and the Walleye should stabilize in their new surrounding and turn this lake back into its glory days. Our anglers did find fish and some quality fish came to the scales regardless of the windy conditions. Surface temperatures ranged across the lake with the West end of the lake registering in the upper 60’s to mid 70’s. Near the dam the water was just passing 60 degrees during pre fishing on Thursday and Friday.

 Friday night the wind changed from a NW wind to a SSE wind which changed surface temperatures on the West end by 4-5 degrees and scattered Walleye making anglers adjust their game plan to adapt to roaming Walleye which was completely different from pre-fishing on Thursday and Friday. Most anglers adapted and located active Walleye predominately on the West end of the lake from Sand Point down to Omaha Beach. With high water levels the tops of the trees were visible and submerged many feet underwater starting just west of Otter Creek. Prime fishing was reported in depths from 3-30 FOW and varied from angler to angler due to scattered Walleye. Most riggers and jig fisherman were in the shallows while trolling seemed to be in the deeper water focusing on structure such as Sand Point, Otter Creek, tree lines and sharp contours. Not to be over looked was the East dam where patience and perseverance paid off for a few teams such as the father son teams of the Rowland’s and Walker’s who caught some of their Walleye at the dam and earned them Big Fish awards for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s big fish from the Rowland’s weighed in at 7.54lb and Sunday’s big fish from the Walker’s was a 10.52lb Walleye pulling cranks near the dam over 80 FOW with Offshore Planner boards www.offshoretackle.com.

All anglers had to compete with wind which Big Mac is known for; but winds were constant around 20-25mph all day Saturday and anglers got a brief break on Sunday am until around 10am when the wind kicked back up and helped everyone wash out their boats with lake water on the ride back to the weight station. Personally, I don’t think anyone arrived back to the weigh station dry. Regardless, it was a safe tournament and there were no boats that endured damage.

Tournament Day 1

Our official starter boat was the Ranger 1860 Angler purchased from Crowley Marine and manned by Brian Henry and John Fast. We started off our anglers at 0630 under cloudy skies and a light breeze from the SSE. But the wind picked and the mild Big Mac became a rough lake with rough waves and constant wind forcing anglers to pay very close attention to every move. Regardless of conditions, the father son team of John and Randy Rowland capitalized on the wind and their knowledge of Walleye on Big Mac and weighed in an impressive 14.44 lbs of Walleye with only 2 fish. These 2 fish also gained them a significant edge on the rest of the field under very tough conditions. A key to their success was focusing on windblown points. Closely behind in the hunt was the mixed team of Ken and Jetty White with 13.65 lbs and their big fish was 5.35lbs. Trolling and a key jig bite in the trees got a limit of 5 fish. Nipping at their heels was the team of Jim Thibodeau and Gregor Eigsti with 13.32 lbs with 3 Walleye but working points in deeper water pulling spinner rigs.

Our Saturday Night Dinner was held at Pleasant View Lodge and all members enjoyed a home cooked fried chicken thanks to the Ray Jr. and Ray Deichsel Sr., Bob Lilley, Shane Dubois, Craig Cunning, Jane and Emile VanHoye, Preston Vines, Mike Latimer, Brent Henry, Shane Klein and Tami Cundiff for doing all the prep work and cooking for everyone to enjoy. We had lots of giveaways from our sponsors including Cabela’s, Big Eye Custom Lures, Northland Tackle, ReelBait, Bioedge, RJ Lures, Dynamic Lures, Rod Gloves, Centennial Leasing and Sales and Canon Marine.

Our random drawing for a $100 dollar gas card went to the team of Justin Jones and Randy Allenbaugh thanks to Centennial Leasing and Sales. For all your automotive new and used car purchases, please contact John Fast @ 303-231-2127. From experience, many of us will never go anywhere else for hassle free and easy purchase.

 Tournament Day 2

Our official starter boat was the Ranger 1860 Angler purchased from Crowley Marine and manned by Curt Hannon and Craig Cunning. Teams were waved on under a calm morning which would soon change around 10am when the wind started up again blowing from the SE. Teams battled the wind and let’s say no one came back into the weight station dry on day 2 of the tournament with the wind. Making the right decision early in the am the team of John and Randy Rowland capitalized on quality fish early in the morning with an impressive 5 fish for 21.04lbs and their big fish weighing in at 7.05lbs focusing their efforts around the dam. Following behind them was the team of Curt Hannon and Craig Cunning with 5 fish for 14.52lbs by Lindy rigging one of the Western points in water from 9-26 FOW. The team of Mike Latimer and Preston Vines also found active fish on a mid-lake point with 4 fish for 14.41lbs pulling spinners on and off the point. Considering conditions and a completely changed bite from pre-fishing to tournament days, weights were very good. There is always potential of bigger fish, but that’s why we call it fishing and not catching. The best part, everyone made it back to the check in safely and there were no significant boat problems throughout the tournament.

 Ranger Cup: 

Our top placing Ranger team was the team of Mike Latimer and Preston Vines with an overall weight of 11.51 lbs. With an overall finish of 3rd place Mike and Preston took home an additional check for the amount of $100 for the highest placing overall Ranger team sponsored by Crowley Marine .

Crowley Marine also offers our anglers some additional cash prizes for the top placing Sylvan or Smokercraft team. Our top placing team was the team of Gene Metschke and Larry Call with 8.22lbs. They took home an additional check for the amount of $50 for the highest placing overall Sylvan team sponsored by Crowley Marine .

Sponsored by Cabela’s, our top placing Cabela’s Angler Cash went to the team of Mike Latimer and Preston Vines for a 2nd place finish overall which earns them and additional $100 gift card at Cabela’s; our local and “World’s Foremost Outfitter” for the Colorado Walleye Association. Thank you Cabela’s for all your support of the CWA!

 Top Youth Team

The team of Lonnie Snyder and his two sons Tyron and Colton worked hard each day (on Day 1 Lonnie fished with Colton and Day 2 Lonnie fished with Tyron) to win the overall youth category. Lonnie and his sons weighed 3.03 lbs of Walleye for 2 days and considering the conditions, our hat goes off to you Lonnie and your sons for a job well done. Both kids caught fish and held up their end of the bargain as a team member with Dad. Congratulations gentleman.

Top Mixed Team (consists of male/female team)

The team of Ken and Jetty White took home an additional check for an overall Mixed Team win with an overall finish of 3rd place with 21.77 lbs of Walleye for the weekend. By combining jigging and trolling Ken and Jetty got the fish they needed to keep them in the hunt for overall mixed team of the year. Congratulations and a job well done.

Thanks to Tami Cundiff for heading up our Tournament Director position and ensuring all fish are measured and weighed to keep all teams on an even playing field. A special thanks to Art and Terri Kelm, their daughter Shanna and boyfriend Brad for helping at the weight station both days their assistance was priceless. Brian Henry, John Fast, Mike Latimer, Preston Vines and Craig Cunning were also a big help on Sunday ensuring all fish were revived and released back into the lake to be caught again another day. We appreciate seeing everyone have a fun and safe tournaments.

 Thank you to all the participants and CWA members for making this a great and safe event. We are looking forward to our points tournament #4 at Trinidad Lake which is quickly approaching. We will see you all on the water.

 B. Cundiff

CWA President

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