2011 CWA - Points #4 Trinidad Results

Points Tournament #4 Trinidad Lake June 24-25, 2011

Brought to you by Reef Runner, A-Better-Net and Boyer’s Coffee

What an awesome tournament! This tournament was filled with surprises, camaraderie, tons of laughter and great fishing. Being surrounded by great anglers and family members for a weekend of fishing with warm weather was simply nice. We couldn’t have asked for much more to close out our tournament points season. Thank you all for all your participation, help and support of the CWA.

Trinidad Lake State Park is always a great location to wrap up our season for point tournaments. We can always count on their state of art facilities, excellent and friendly staff while being surrounded by the Culebra Range of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Southern Colorado. The lake is a great destination with great Walleye fishing including a broad array of other multispecies to keep every angler busy all day long. One example of this was the Big Fish that the team of Frank Becvar and Todd Christofferson pulled in on Sunday afternoon, a 20+lb- 43.5” Muskie… “The musky measured 43.5 inches long and weighed just over 20 pounds. It hit on lead core and a split tail Rapala. Todd Christofferson caught the fish and the fight was awesome in the high winds and heavy wave surges. I thought we nailed a big walleye but the experience of a musky that size will forever be remembered.” A catch of this nature creates memories that will last a lifetime and emphasizes some of the reasons our club tournaments are so special. At Trinidad, anglers never know what one may catch at this beautiful secluded lake.

A thank you goes out to Ranger Travis who ensured everyone was well informed and safe. Travis was present for most of the tournament and monitored our weigh-ins each day and dropped by frequently to ensure our anglers had the best experience possible. We have worked with Travis for over 3 years now and we owe applause for his assistance, efforts and organizational skills to keep us coming back on a yearly basis, thank you Travis. It is always great to see pride and public service set forth from Travis and the other employees of Trinidad State Park. Everyone of them take excellent care of their facility and maintain it like it was their personal yard in its pristine condition; thank you all for all your support of the CWA and maintaining such a quality State Park. Not to be overlooked was the ANS representatives for their accommodations of our tournament anglers and especially Kathryn for adjusting her personal hours to ensure our anglers were ANS inspected and on the water early and got the most out of their pre-fishing experience on this special lake. Thank you all for your support and flexibility to make this a smooth tournament and a great experience for everyone in attendance.

Sportsmanship Awards:

We frequently hand out special awards for sportsmanship on or off the water and it was brought to my attention on Sunday evening when one of our anglers was traveling home in the high winds with his camper when a problem arose. Gene Metschke and Larry Call saw a problem developing with the camper of Justin Jones and his nephew Brandon as they were passing them on the highway heading home. Gene and Larry motioned for Justin to pull over to evaluate some damage to the camper caused by the wind before the problem became catastrophic. Not soon after pulling over, the team of Dave Kooser /Powers Cacye and Dan/Sandra Stringer also pulled off to the shoulder to help assist, provide support, strength and materials to ensure Justin and his nephew Brandon could make it home in one piece without further damages. Justin called me Sunday night upon making it home and informed me of the little event and stated “without the help of everyone, I would have never stood a chance; they saved my rear and gave me straps, rope and help to make sure I could make it home in one piece.” In appreciation on behalf of the CWA, a Sportsmanship Plaque will be given to each person for their awareness, ability and willingness to help out a fellow CWA member in a time of need. Thank you for looking out for our members and keeping our roads safe on our travels. Integrity and values such as this is what our CWA foundation is built upon and if there are any events of this nature please make Barry or one of the other board members aware of these events so members can be properly recognized.

A huge thank you goes out to Dave and Sue the owners of Canon Marine for helping out the entire weekend. Dave and Sue were critical keys to our success at the Trinidad tournament and assisted at the weigh station the entire weekend and Dave helped one team with engine problems and got them running again. There are really too many things to thank them for as they are great supporters of our club throughout the year. Dave and Sue were also our official start boat for the weekend with a brand new fully loaded Lund. For all your Lund needs and inquiries please support those who support us and stop in and see Dave and Sue. Take a trip to see their new facility just outside Pueblo in Penrose and experience their superior customer service and support or when considering your next boat purchase. They carry a full line of boats well beyond Lund so please take a quick visit to their website to learn everything they have to offer. www.canonmarine.com

Tournament Day 1

Boats were lined up and as our official Lund starter boat provided by Canon Marine released anglers to conquer Trinidad Lake at 0630 under clear skies with light winds from the NW. Mild temperatures in the morning of 68 degree quickly turned to upper 90’s. But, as soon as the heat really started kicking in the wind picked up and kept everyone fairly comfortable. The mid afternoon winds kicked up to 15mph out of the NW and blew from 11 am until anglers were to be off the water for weigh in. Anglers reported a strong morning bite with the afternoon tapering off which posed questions for anglers in the hunt for points and for those seeking certain fish for our “special category”. As the day went by we remained under fairly clear skies with wind, but that was not enough to keep the anglers from sticking lots of fish and making this one of the closest tournaments we have seen to date. Our first place team for Saturday was the team of Barry Cundiff and Eric Thorn with a 5 fish limit weighting in at 6.90lbs. Their technique was slowly working the West side weed line and focusing on pods of fish off contour lines using 1/8th oz ReelBait Flasher’s tipped with Leeches, night Crawlers and Berkley Gulp. Later in the afternoon, drifting size #2 Slow Death @ 0.7mph and small spinners kept the action going for the team to weed through smaller fish. Better colors for the team were Flo. Orange, Chart and Fire tiger. Nipping at their heals was the team of Justin and Cody Crump with 6.28 lbs. Big fish was also caught by the Crump brothers with a 1.73 lb Walleye just 3/100’s over the leaders of day big fish. The big fish which earned the Crump bothers and additional $150 for Saturday’s big fish award. Justin and Cody were determined to seek quality Walleye looking for big fish and trolled all day Saturday. They put out their trolling rods and they did not look back. They only landed 8 Walleye, but of the 8 Walleye landed they had a 5 good enough fish basket to finish 2nd on Saturday by running a variety of crank baits and spinners. The team of Justin and Brandon Jones captured 3rd place for the day with 6.08 lbs by vertical jigging using his new Minn Kota i-Pilot conjunction with the anchor function to maintain position during the gusting winds.

Our Saturday Night Dinner was a great time and everyone walked away with a full belly with a special thanks to Fabulous Wings (719-846-7298) for our Mexican bar which was fantastic. They have lots of options and the next time you are in Trinidad, please look up Lisa. Lisa assisted through dinner and served all the hungry anglers and families. Thank you for coming out to the lake, serving awesome food and making our dinner and excellent event.

Thanks to our sponsors who provided quality prizes for our tournament anglers including Cabela’s, Big Eye Custom Lures, Northland Tackle, ReelBait, Bioedge, RJ Lures, Dynamic Lures, Rod Gloves, Centennial Leasing and Sales and Canon Marine for our random drawing gifts. Please take a moment to comment on Facebook, Twitter and visit our sponsor’s web sites for their support of the CWA. For nearly all the anglers and families who attended, virtually every gained some new sponsor products to try out on their next fishing trip. Visit Dynamic Lures to see their new release of new baits with adjustable suspending baits that have been producing on Pueblo.

Our random drawing for a $100 dollar gas card went to the team of Frank Becvar and Todd Christofferson thanks to Centennial Leasing and Sales. For all your automotive new and used car purchases, please contact John Fast @ 303-231-2127. From experience, many of us will never go anywhere else for hassle free and easy purchase.

In addition Canon Marine made the team of Mitch Petersen’s and Brad Qualley’s night with a free paid entry to the 2012 tournament at Trinidad. A special thanks goes out to all that helped out during the Saturday night dinner and making this dinner a great success for all participants and family members. Thanks for everyone helping clean up after the dinner.

Tournament Day 2

As our official Lund start boat released tournament anglers at 0630 on day 2 temperatures were milder and in the low 60’s, anglers raced to their spots with overcast skies and most reported great fishing again right off the bat. The wind came up again on day 2 and blew from the West and remained constant from 10am on. Reports indicated the bite changed and tapered off with the wind but anglers were still catching fish, just not as quickly as they were in the am hours. The team of Dave Kooser and Powers Cayce put together a winning combination weighing in 6.15lbs of Walleye with on Sunday by fishing a mid lake hump surrounded by deeper water with Lindy Rigs. Bait of choice was a 50/50 of night crawlers and leeches. Again, the Crump brothers were following closely behind with 6.05 lbs by pitching jigs and crank baits. The Crump bothers also netted the big fish for Sunday with 1.57lb Walleye earning them an additional $150 for their efforts in addition to a second place finish on Sunday. The team of Mike Latimer and Preston Vines weighed in 5.98lbs for a 3rd place finish by running Lindy rigs. Many anglers reported a different bite from Saturday to Sunday but all anglers were on Walleye and enjoyed the tournament and activities.

This was a great close out to our season at Trinidad Lake and as always, the bite was good and company was even better. Congratulations to all our anglers and thank you for your participation and support of our club. As the season nears its end, we still have our Regional Championship quickly approaching at Lake McConaughy July 16-17th followed by our Fall Classic at Pueblo Lake on September 10th. We look forward to seeing you all on the water and we hope all your trips are safe and memorable.

Please reference the standings for the overall placement of all our anglers and the 2011 team standings for Regional Championships and NTC points.

Side Note: Trinidad Lake has plentiful Walleye with a real potential of some monster Walleye like the one Gene Metchski caught pre-fishing on Thursday afternoon weighing in just under 14lbs. Regardless, the big fish were scattered during the tournament and were tight lipped. We all know there are some very big Walleye in this lake but they eluded our anglers on this trip during tournament hours; maybe next time. We look forward to other opportunities on this lake.

Our Special Category Prize Category:

With well over 1k in product to be given away to one lucky team, this category was something new we came up with as a board members to add some flair to close out our points tournament and add some entertainment. The category was kept a secret for the 2011 year and was released at the rules meeting. It was for the “smallest full limit of Walleye over 2 days”. For some, this was a test of working for points or taking a gamble and playing the odds with small Walleye. In the end, the special category was won by the husband and wife team of Gary and Grace Mongelli. Their gamble for seeking light weight 5 fish limits both days rewarded them with prizes from sponsors exceeding 1k for their efforts. Included in their package was gift certificates to Maui Jim Sunglasses, St. Croix Rods, A-Bette-Net, Reef Runner Lures, Rod Gloves, Northland Tackle, Eagle Claw and ReelBait.

 Ranger Cup:

Our top placing Ranger team was the team of Mike Latimer and Preston Vines with an overall weight of 11.51 lbs. With an overall finish of 3rd place Mike and Preston took home an additional check for the amount of $100 for the highest placing overall Ranger team sponsored by Crowley Marine .

Crowley Marine also offers our anglers some additional cash prizes for the top placing Sylvan or Smokercraft team. Our top placing team was the team of Barry Cundiff and Eric Thorn for an overall 2nd place finish with 12.15lbs. With an overall finish of 2nd place Barry and Eric took home an additional check for the amount of $50 for the highest placing overall Smokercraft team sponsored by Crowley Marine .

 Sponsored by Cabela’s, our top placing Cabela’s Angler Cash went to the team of Barry Cundiff and Eric Thorn for a 2nd place finish overall which earns them and additional $100 gift card at Cabela’s; our local and “World’s Foremost Outfitter” for the Colorado Walleye Association. Thank you Cabela’s for all your support of the CWA!

Top Youth Team

The team of Justin Crump and his younger brother Cody Crump (15 years old) mastered the lake and captured the Overall Youth category and with an overall 1st Place for the tournament weighing in at 12.33lbs of Walleye for 2 days. This team captured not only and overall win but also winnings for the top youth team and also netted the big fish cash prize for Saturday and Sunday for an additional $300 extra in cash for their efforts. Let’s just say, they fished very well and demonstrated their ability to adapt and put quality fish in the boat. It’s a pleasure to see brothers work together and make things happen and be rewarded at the end of a long weekend for their efforts. Congratulations gentleman.

 Top Mixed Team (consists of male/female team)

The team of Ken and Jetty White took home an additional check for an overall Mixed Team win with a overall finish of 14th place with 10.80 lbs of Walleye. Ken and Jetty are a great team and competitive in all our tournaments. They implore and demonstrate how a husband and wife team can work together as a team and be competitive day in and day out on the water.

Thanks to our Tournament Director Tami Cundiff for all her hard work and dedication to make these events possible and all the others who have helped at the weigh station throughout the year. We appreciate seeing everyone having fun and safe tournaments.


Barry Cundiff

CWA President





















Honorary Sponsors and Affiliations

 Centennial Leasing and Sales

Canon Marine

Crowely Marine


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