2012 CWA - Fall Classic Pueblo Results

Wind out of the east, fish bite the least! Fall Classic @ Pueblo Reservoir Sep 29, 2012 Recap

The tournament started off right, with Passkey's restaurant providing everyone with delicious sausage sandwiches and pasta! Then, everyone had to have a piece of Janine Frederickson's banana bread to finish off the dinner! I think we all ate to capacity and then prepped to hit the water.

A few anglers I talked to had a decent night of fishing on Friday night and were excited to hit the water Saturday. The tournament started a little before 5 pm with partly cloudy skies and 5 to 10 mph winds out of the east. You always hear "wind out of the west, fishing is best; wind out of the east, fish bite the least", and it definitely held true for this night of fishing. I passed a few anglers as the night went on, and most were having a hard time finding and catching many fish at all.

At the 10:30 pm weigh time, a few teams found some fish and managed to pound out one keeper over 18 inches! The fish turned out a really slow bite and it wasn't expected to be this tough! The father and son team of Ronald and Steve Spock finished third with 1.83 pounds. Justin Crump and Bob Schafer found one keeper at 1.98 pounds for second place. Also with one fish was the winning team, and the top Cabela's Cash team of Justin Jones and Chet Williams with a 2.05 pound (18 3/4") fish worth $990! The teams that did the best were tossing jigs and trolling crank baits in shallow water.

Although the night of fishing was tough, it was an awesome time and it was nice to see a lot of faces before winter sets in and we put our boats away for a few months. A big thanks goes out to Passkey's for providing dinner, Cabela's for providing Cabela's Cash for the event, Bass Pro Shops for helping out with some door prizes, and Lonnie, Ronnie, and Colton Snyder for driving down from Denver to run the weigh station!


 Cablea’s Cash Winners: Chet Williams and Justin Jones

Have a great fall everyone!

Final Results

Overall Place Angler #1 Angler #2 Saturday
Weight # Alive
1 Chet Williams Justin Jones 2.05 1
2 Justin Crump Bob Schafer 1.98 1
3 Steven Spock Ronald Spock 1.83 1
4 Warren Frederickson Janine Frederickson - -
5 Mike Williams Lanny Moore - -
6 Dan Giordano Garret Giordano - -
7 Kevin Weere Justin Gerdis - -
8 Byron Hudson Coleman Barron - -
5.86 3
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 3
Ave. Walleye Wt. 1.95lbs
Big Fish 2.05lbs Williams/Jones
Cabela's Cash Williams/Jones
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