2012 CWA - Points #4 Chatfield Results

Tough, Tough Bite! Chatfield Reservoir Sep 15-16, 2012 Recap

Many anglers that pre-fished Chatfield weren't reporting the best of news. Those who were searching for walleye in Chatfield Reservoir were not finding what they wanted. One angler, Cary Weaver noted that he had been out on the lake all week and his biggest walleye only touched 16 1/2 inches on the board! To follow State law, each team was allowed to have 3 fish over 18" per angler and of those 3 only 1 could be over 21". Each team was allowed the possibility to weight 4 fish each day. In the end, the guys who probably have the most experience with walleye at Chatfield Reservoir dominated the entire weekend! The team of Nathan Zelinsky and David Harrison would win in about every possible way, including first place overall with 9.95 pounds and a 5.42 pound kicker fish to cap off the victory!

Day 1 Boat inspections started at 5:45am to a crisp, cool morning in the dark. All the boats were launched and sent out at 6:30am to look for the fish that everyone said wouldn't bite. Most of the early morning activity was concentrated in the sky! Many local people with hot air balloons were hovering over the lake, and some IN the lake! One of the balloons dropped down and dipped the bottom of his basket in the water! I attribute this activity to have slowed down the morning bite because I know some of the anglers were taking pictures of the balloons! Finally the first fish comes to the weigh station around 12:30pm, brought in by the team of Cary Weaver and Tony Owen. It weighed 2.12 pounds and was good enough to get them 3rd place for the day and win their shootout! Cary stated, "We caught the fish in 28 foot of water, and when we threw it in the livewell, it was trying to go belly up." It took a couple hours, but the fish was revived in our tanks and released back into the lake. This day presented a woman angler in the top standings when the team of Art Petz and Connie Hess edged out the 3rd place team by .03 pounds! Petz and Hess had one walleye weighing 2.15 pounds to take 2nd place for the day! The team everyone wandered about and thought had a good chance to do good, lived up to the hype when Zelinsky and Harrison weighed the biggest walleye of the day at 2.54 pounds. The single fish was good enough to win 1st for the day, big fish for the day, and their shootout! Nathan noted "We fished 25 spots, had an ok day, and lost some other fish at the boat." He thought that they were on the right pattern and hoped to execute better on day 2.

Day 2 Another cool morning with temps in the upper 40's to start the day. Many teams were wondering if the day was going to be a repeat of heat and no wind. Finally, about 9:30-10:00am a light breeze kicked in and put a small "walleye chop" on the water. By 1pm, their was enough of a breeze for about 25 sailboats to make their way back and forth across the dam. When their were no fish weighed in by 2:00pm, I was worried that Sunday was going to show less weighable fish than the 3 fish weighed Saturday, but the fishermen surprised everyone! Father and son team of Bob and Dan Giorodano battled for 3rd place with Eric Ewing and Dave Kooser for who had the heaviest 18 1/4 incher. The Giorodano's won their shootout and 3rd place for the day with a 2.08 pound fish, just beating out Ewing and Kooser who's fish was .08 pounds smaller at 2.00 pounds even. If you had a woman on your boat you had a chance, as the husband and wife team of Justin and Devon Jones impressed. They had 3 fish between 19 1/2" to 20" for the day that weighed 7.35 pounds! Many were surprised and thought that these two had the tournament in the bag with the way it had been going (or at least I did). Then Zelinsky and Harrison showed up and I asked, "Do you have fish to weigh"? And they said "yes"... Hold the phone! I gave David a tote to put the fish into and he tossed the first one in with ease, and then he struggled with a feisty 5.42 pound fish! Put the two on the scale, and they edged out Justin and Devon on the day by .06 pounds to win the day! David said, "Yesterday we fished many of Nate's spots and today we fish more of mine." When asked how they caught the fish, Nate said "We were mainly jigging in 10 to 20 feet of water on fish that we were marking on the fish finder."

Overall, it was a very impressive tournament for Nathan Zelinsky and David Harrison winning: 1st place day 1, big fish day 1, first place day 2, big fish day 2, top lund, and first place overall with 9.95 pounds! Awesome job and congratulations guys! 2nd place overall with 7.35 pounds went to Justin and Devon Jones, who won top mixed team and the Cabela's Cash! 3rd place overall with 2.15 pounds went to another mixed team of Art Petz and Connie Hess! Overall, it was one of the slowest fishing tournaments, but it was still a blast for many people! It's always nice to see faces of our club members and new people, even if they aren't fishing and just helping out! The dinner on Saturday night was fun, getting to socialize with everyone who hung around! All fish were released back into the lake and none were lost! Thanks again to Ray, Tami, Nate, David, Mark, and the Giorodano's for helping with the weigh station!


 Cablea’s Cash Winners: Justin and Devon Jones Also our Top Mixed Team (Husband and wife team)


 Top Placing Ranger Team: Unfortunately none of our contestants fishing out of a Ranger caught any fish.

  Top Lund Winners: $100 cash Top placing Lund sponsored by Crowley Marine Winners: Nathan Zelinksy and David Harrison


Come join us for the a Meet and Greet on Saturday, September 29th at Pueblo Reservoir - main course will be provided by the CWA. A good time is sure to be had by all!

Final Results

Overall Place Angler #1 Angler #2 M or Y Saturday Sunday Total Total Points
Weight # Alive Weight # Alive Sat + Sun
1 Nathan Zelinsky David Harrison 2.54 1 7.41 2 9.95 100
2 Justin Jones Deven Jones M - - 7.35 3 7.35 99
3 Art Petz Connie Hess M 2.15 1 - - 2.15 98
4 Cary Weaver Anthony Owen 2.12 1 - - 2.12 97
5 Dan Giordano Bob Giordano - - 2.08 1 2.08 96
6 Eric Ewing Dave Kooser - - 2.00 1 2.00 95
7 Robert Katz Barb Katz M - - - - - 5
8 Barry Cundiff Chet Williams - - - - - 5
9 Steve Katz Bob Katz - - - - - 5
10 Gene Metschke Larry Call - - - - - 5
11 Mike Latimer Curt Hannon - - - - - 5
12 Frank Becvar Todd Christofferson - - - - - 5
13 Brad Qualley Mitch Petersen - - - - - 5
14 Donald Watt Andreas Watt - - - - - 5
Total 6.81 3 18.84 7 25.65
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 10
Ave. Walleye Wt. 2.57lbs
Sat. Big Fish 2.54lbs Zelinksky/Harrison
Sun. Big Fish 5.42lbs Zelinksky/Harrison
Top Mix Jones/Jones
Ranger Cup None caught fish
Top Lund Zelinksky/Harrison
Cabela's Cash Jones/Jones
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