2012 CWA - Points #1 Jumbo Results

CWA Points Tournament #1 @ Jumbo Reservoir May 19-20, 2012 Recap

Dan and Bob Giordano finish strong on day 2 to win our eastern plains shootout among the West’s top Walleye anglers at the Colorado Walleye Association tournament at Jumbo reservoir. “It’s great to have the opportunity to fish with my Dad and finish ahead of all the other great anglers fishing this tournament. Fishing with my Dad makes this a very special win for us.” The Giordano’s two day total tipped the scales at 23.31 lbs of quality Walleye which also included their kicker fish on Sunday weighing a 23” 4.82 lbs Walleye which won them a bonus check for big fish on Sunday.

Day 1 we arrive with patchy fog which lifted prior to the start of the day under overcast conditions with 5-7 mph wind coming from the east at a cool 41 degree air temperature. Throughout the day, the wind remained constant and forced anglers to demonstrate their boat control skills as the winds reached gusts of 30+ mph. Our die hard anglers focused and endured the inclement conditions while adapting to the conditions to put Walleye in the live wells during this catch and release tournament.

Finishing in first place on Saturday was the husband and wife team consisting of Justin and Deven Jones. This was Deven’s first tournament with her husband and she caught three of their five keepers on Saturday making this a very special day 1 win for Justin. “I could not be more proud than I am right now; there is no other person I would rather be fishing with than my wife. Words can’t express how this feels” said Justin Jones. This mixed team brought 11.39 lbs to the scale on Day One. Nipping at their heels on was the father son team of Don and Andreas Watt with 11.06lbs. Rounding up the top three for day one was the team of Matt and John Snyder with a 3rd place weight of 10.85 lbs.

Day 2 honors went to the Giodarno’s with a Walleye bag of 14.05 lbs winning day 2. Included in their creel was the big fish for the day weighing at 4.82 lbs. The father and son team Craig and Chantry Cunnings weighed and impressive 11.45 lbs on Sunday to give them a second place finish followed closely by the team of Mike Etl and Don Hansen weighing 11.29lbs on Sunday.

CWA point tournaments are daily payouts for the top 10 teams for each day (day 1 and day 2). The overall standings for the tournament reflect point accruals for the tournament and decides our team of the year award. All CWA tournaments are catch and release while “Encouraging family, friendships and fun through education and competitive angling while conserving our Walleye resources”.

Overall, the bite was good and anglers caught fish on a variety of tactics including Lindy rigging, jigging, bottom bouncing and pulling crank baits. Water depth seemed to be best in the mid-depths where most of our anglers excelled at catching the nomadic Jumbo Walleye.

Thank you Jumbo Reservoir state wildlife area representatives for granting the Colorado Walleye Association privileges to host our tournament at your facility. Rangers Jack Wieland and Mason Allen were a pleasure to meet and talk with throughout the tournament and our ANS inspectors were accurate and polished in their routine which helped get the teams on and off the water efficiently each day. Thanks go out to Mandy Brandt the Jumbo local Biologist for the Walleye management of this magnificent lake which produced great quality Walleye.

Thanks for everyone’s help at the tournament. Saturday night dinner featuring Lucy’s famous Roast Beef which was excellent while being surrounded by great people and door prized from Big Eye Spinner Baits; the Big Mac trophy takers. Thanks for everyone that participated. None of this would be possible without everyone’s participation and efforts, thank you.


 Cablea’s Cash Winners: Don and Andreas Watt



Top Placing Ranger Team: Brent Henry and Shane Klein

Official Starter Boat: Ranger 620 powered by Mercury; thanks to Scott Beauvais and Justin Crump


 Top Lund Winners: Bret Rye and Ron Schroeder sponsored by Crowley Marine


 Big Eye Spinner Baits: Saturday night’s door prizes

 Come join us on our next stop at Pueblo Reservoir on June 23-24, 2012.

Final Results

Overall Place Angler #1 Angler #2 M or Y Saturday Sunday Total Total Points
Weight # Alive Weight # Alive Sat + Sun
1 Dan Giordano Bob Giordano 9.26 5 14.05 5 23.31 100
2 Donald Watt Andreas Watt 11.06 5 11.16 5 22.22 99
3 Brent Henry Shane Klein 10.68 5 10.65 5 21.33 98
4 Craig Cunning Chantry Cunningq 8.59 5 11.45 5 20.04 97
5 Brett Rye Ron Schroeder 9.80 5 9.60 5 19.40 96
6 Mike Etl Don Hansen 8.10 5 11.29 5 19.39 95
7 Matt Snyder John Snyder 10.85 5 7.91 5 18.76 94
8 Cary Weaver Anthony Owen 9.22 5 8.99 5 18.21 93
9 Ronnie Snyder Sr Ronnie Snyder Jr 8.12 5 10.04 5 18.16 92
10 Bobby Lilley Mark Niebrugge 8.02 5 9.72 5 17.74 91
11 Frank Becvar Todd Christofferson 8.92 5 8.58 5 17.50 90
12 Gene Metschke Larry Call 7.42 4 10.04 5 17.46 89
13 Scott Beauvais Justin Crump 7.68 5 9.65 5 17.33 88
14 Jeff Mekelburg Kent Sump 7.87 5 9.41 5 17.28 87
15 Doug Beane Bill Willingham 10.16 5 6.74 5 16.90 86
16 Barry Cundiff Chet Williams 9.13 5 7.50 5 16.63 85
17 Justin Jones Deven Jones M 11.39 5 3.72 2 15.11 84
18 Gregor Eigsti Jack Blair 10.05 5 4.06 2 14.11 83
19 Robert Katz Alan Katz 4.23 3 8.70 5 12.93 82
20 Kevin Werre Tom Pike 1.59 1 11.27 5 12.86 81
21 Edward Gorman Trent Verquer 8.77 5 2.77 2 11.54 80
22 Gary Mongelli Grace Mongelli M 7.01 4 3.81 2 10.82 79
22 Jeff Annis Brad Holmes 2.43 1 8.35 5 10.78 79
24 Darrel Jarred Stan Citrowske 8.10 5 - - 8.10 77
25 Eric Ewing Cokie Ewing M 1.21 1 6.17 4 7.38 76
26 Steve Katz Bob Katz - - 5.49 4 5.49 75
Total 199.66 109 211.12 111 410.78
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 220
Ave. Walleye Wt. 1.04lbs
Sat. Big Fish 4.05lbs Henry/Klein
Sun. Big Fish 4.82lbs Giordano
Top Mix Jones/Jones
Ranger Cup Henry/Klein
Top Lund Rye/Schroeder
Cabela's Cash Watt/Watt
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