2012 CWA - Points #2 Pueblo Results

HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Pueblo Reservoir Jun 23-24, 2012 Recap

Father and son team, Don and Andreas Watt pulled a great weight on day 2 to take the overall win at Pueblo during the Colorado Walleye Association 2nd point tournament. The winning strategy for the Watt’s was “sticking to a game plan” consisting of staying on one spot that produced fish throughout the day and weeding though the under 18 1/4” Walleye. “We’d been told if you are catching small fish move. We decided to stick it out with the smaller fish and found some quality fish mixed in on our spot which paid off” said Andres.

The temperatures exceeded 100 degrees each day reaching a boiling 106 on Saturday of the tournament. The fishing was excellent for sub-legal Walleye and the bite was tough for 18 ¼ plus inch eyes (CWA required minimum size limit). The water temperatures varied drastically around the lake but an average surface temperature was in the low 70’s. The lake was dropping each day and over the course of the tournament the lake dropped roughly nine inches. The main lake points remained good for active Walleye throughout the tournament. During pre-fishing anglers caught some quality fish with one going 27.5” by Steven Katz and many 23-25” Walleyes being caught all around the lake, but come tournament day, the better quality fish were tough to come by for many of the teams. Two teams managed 4 fish bags on Saturday which is one shy for a CWA bag limit; the Ranger team of Brent Henry and Shane Klein (7.09 lbs) winning day 1 and the father son team Bob and Dan Giordano (6.90 lbs) following closely behind were leading the pack at the end of day 1.

Day 2 shifted gears and throttling up was the team of Kevin Were and Tom Pike with the biggest single day bag of the tournament with 3 Walleye for 8.37 lbs. There persistence paid off to win them a day 2 win and pay check. “Wish we would have figured some of this out on Saturday” said Kevin with a grin. But the team of Don and Andreas Watts also had a solid day on the water and weighed 3 fish for 7.01 lbs including the big fish on day 2 worth an additional $150 in cash.

Rounding off the overall winners of the tournament was the father and son team of Don and Andreas Watt with a total weight of 12.97lb for 2 days. The Ranger team of Brent and Shane Klein captured second place overall with 8.73lbs and rounding up 3rd place overall was the father son team of Bob and Dan Giordano with 8.62lbs.

Fishing for undersized Walleye was good for all the anglers which kept everyone busy despite the brutal heat anglers had to endure. Tactics varied across the field of anglers from trolling spinners, cranks, spoons, jigging, slip bobbering and Lindy rigging. Successful spinners were from Big Eye Custom Lures (www.bigeyecustomlures.com) using size 4 Colorado blades, crank baits included Reef Runner 200 Ripshad’s and 500 Little Ripper’s (www.reefrunnerlures.com) Rapala Shad Raps and trolling Little Warrior spoons (www.warriorlures.com) in Chicken Wing, Mixed Veggies and Perch patterns. Warrior spoons was an unexpected newcomer to the techniques putting fish in the live well at Pueblo, perhaps a new technique is being formulated….Crank bait colors varied but top producers seemed to be anything that an angler could present properly at the right depth and speed. Jigging and dead sticking with Reelbait Flashers (www.reelbait.com) or casting jigs with curly tails, live bait or artificials produced consistently. Slip bobbering was a good technique in the am or when the wind was blowing but it seemed to have its peaks and valleys throughout the day. A common technique was Lindy rigging. Anglers reported excellent catch rates with the new Northland IMPULSE® Jiggin’ Leech which was handed out at the rules meeting and for most this was their first experience with t he product please visit them to see what you are missing in your fishing arsenal. www.northlandtackle.com

 Special Thank You:

  • Thanks to all our anglers participation, Dave Koosier and his son and daughter for hosting and cooking the Saturday night dinner
  • Canon Marine and Crowley Marine for their support and knowledge and keeping all our boats on the water and in top condition. On a side note, and the reason these two marina’s are top notch-Canon made a run back to Penrose to pick up a part not available locally and Brent from Crowely did the tech work to ensure one of our teams was able to fish on Sunday due to motor problems. Teamwork and the best boat shops anyone could purchase or have worked on their boats. Thanks for all your support and loyalty to the club and its members.
  • A special thanks goes out to the North Shore Marina for allowing us to host our event on their beach and having all our needs stocked and ready for purchase including all our ice, bait and sunscreen necessities. Please visit North Shore on your next visit to Pueblo State Park. www.noshoremarina.com/marinahighlights.htm
  • Thanks for all the support and excellent amenities offered by Pueblo State Park’s, their management and staff including Doug Younger and his team of ANS inspectors were accurate and polished in their routine which helped get the teams on and off the water efficiently each day. For more on Pueblo State Park www.parks.state.co.us/parks/lakepueblo/Pages/LakePuebloStatePark.aspx


 Cablea’s Cash Winners: Don and Andreas Watt


  Top Placing Ranger Team: Top placing team was Brent Henry and Shane Klein with 1st place on Day 1


 Top Lund Winners: $100 cash Top placing Lund sponsored by Crowley Marine Winners: Justin and Devon Jones Also our Top Mixed Team (Husband and wife team)


 Official Starter Boat: Official Starter Boat For the CWA @ Pueblo Reservoir 2012 sponsored by Canon Marine

 Lund 1825 Explorer powered by Mercury’s new 150 4-stroke


A special thanks to Cañon Marine for supplying the starter boat, their presence, give-aways and assistance on and off the water. Canon Marine featuring Lund, Larson and Premier Pontoons with power packages from Yamaha and Mercury. funport@canonmarine.com Penrose Super Store (Combined both Cañon and Springs) Phone number: 719-372-3151 or Toll Free at 866-977-4378 Address: 927 Hwy. 115 Penrose, CO 81240 M-F 8:00am-5:00pm Saturdays 9:00-1:00 (Call for after hours sales, pickup and drop off options)

 Come join us on our next stop at Trinidad Reservoir on July 21-22, 2012.

Final Results

Overall Place Angler #1 Angler #2 M or Y Saturday Sunday Total Total Points
Weight # Alive Weight # Alive Sat + Sun
1 Donald Watt Andreas Watt   5.96 3 7.01 3 12.97 100
2 Brent Henry Shane Klein 7.09 4.00 1.64 1 8.73 99
3 Dan Giordano Bob Giordano 6.90 4 1.72 1 8.62 98
4 Robert Katz Alan Katz 5.08 3 3.52 2 8.60 97
5 Justin Jones Deven Jones M 5.19 2 3.39 2 8.58 96
6 Kevin Were Tom Pike - - 8.37 3 8.37 95
6 Gene Metschke Chris Woodman 4.18 2 3.71 2 7.89 94
8 Larry Walker Alan Schweitzer 3.88 2 2.06 1 5.94 93
9 Ray Deichsel Ray G Deichsel 5.67 3 - - 5.67 92
10 David Dressen Michael Ciganek 5.67 3 - - 5.67 92
11 Scott Beauvais Justin Crump 2.62 1 2.60 1 5.22 90
12 Doug Beane Bill Willingham 1.83 1 2.42 1 4.25 89
13 Josh Sheldon Jeremy Sheldon 4.07 2 - - 4.07 88
14 Art Petz Connie Hess M 2.42 1 - - 2.42 87
15 Mike Williams Troy Musgrave 2.14 1 - - 2.14 86
16 Matt Snyder John Snyder - - 1.87 1 1.87 85
17 Steve Katz Bob Katz - - 1.81 1 1.81 84
18 Frank Becvar Todd Christofferson 1.78 1 - - 1.78 83
19 Barry Cundiff Chet Williams 1.77 1 - - 1.77 82
20 Steven Spock Ronald Spock 1.74 1 - - 1.74 81
21 Jeff Annis Brad Holmes 1.73 1 - - 1.73 80
22 Cary Weaver Anthony Owen 1.69 1 - - 1.69 79
22 Brian Henry John Fast - - 1.61 1 1.61 78
24 Gregor Eigsti Jack Blair - - - - - 5
25 James Longmeyer Joe Longmeyer - - - - - 5
26 Bobby Lilley Mark Niebrugge - - - - - 5
Total 71.41 37 41.73 20 113.14
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 57
Ave. Walleye Wt. 1.98lbs
Sat. Big Fish 3.32lbs Jones/Jones
Sun. Big Fish 3.70lbs Watt/Watt
Top Mix Jones/Jones
Ranger Cup Henry/Klein
Top Lund Jones/Jones
Cabela's Cash Watt/Watt
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