2012 CWA - Points #3 Trinidad Results

Early reports suggested fewer Walleye were being caught than in years past at Trinidad Lake during pre-fishing surrounding a recent stocking of Shad.  This was an accurate account, fishing was tough and anglers were going to have to grind fish out and work diligently to get their limits each and every day.  This tournament, every fish counted.  At the closing of the weights on Sunday at the Colorado Walleye Associations 3rd point tournament at Trinidad Lake, Scott Beauvais and Justin Crump won the point’s tournament with an overall weight of 11.68 lbs for two days with five fish limits each day.  Only 0.16 lbs separated the top 4 teams; this came down to the wire.

On day 1, anglers hit the water and made their run to their honey holes.  Trinidad’s nomadic Walleye lived up to their reputation and were not in some of the areas anglers found walleye during pre-fishing, forcing anglers to adapt to constant changing conditions and walleye patterns.  With some of the best anglers in Colorado it did not take long for anglers to dial in on the active fish and specific structure to get their limits then seek upgrades. The wind kicked up around 10am which kept the air temperatures tolerable and helped the walleye bite.  Walleye were scattered around the lake with reports from most anglers stating “it was a decent early bite” with a few anglers reporting a better bite in the afternoon.  The main walleye bite was around the mid-lake portion of Trinidad and up towards the dam.  The bite was definitely spotty and very dependent on structure and specific weed lines.  At the end of day 1 the team of Barry Cundiff and Chet Williams weighted in a 5 fish limit at 6.31lbs followed closely by Gene Metskchke and Larry Call with 6.21 lbs. Each team fished a similar structure on different portions of the lake where there was a steep drop off leading into shallow water containing thick weed lines. “Walleye were passing in and out of the weeds and dropping into the deeper water throughout the day” stated Barry Cundiff and our bite was only good in our area until around 11 am.  The key was patience and persistence.  Going old school, Metskchke/Call used a split shot and single hook tipped with a crawler on a similar drop off to get their fish while Cundiff/Williams took a little different approach and were pitching ReelBait 1/8th oz Flasher jig’s in less than 5 ft of water to gain their day 1 lead.  Our big fish winners for Saturday cashing an extra check for $150 was the team of Brent Henry and Shane Klein with a 1.69 lb Walleye.

Day 2 proved to be an even tougher bite for all the anglers with most anglers reporting lower than expected catches of walleye.  Calm condition and triple digit temperatures did not help the situation and made for tough fishing conditions.  Most anglers were on the move all day searching areas for active walleye resulting in smaller fish than the day before which has not been historical of Trinidad tournaments in the past.  Many teams were focused on locating transitioning walleye, and there were spurts of active walleye and as soon as it began, the bite vanished.  Moving around specific structure paid off for paid off for Scott Beauvais and Justin Crump who won the tournament which did not have an opportunity to pre-fish.  Their pattern included fishing in 12-20 foot of water and rotating between three predominate areas to take the win. Mixing up jigging and pulling spinners in the afternoon looking for upgraded fish was the winning tactic this weekend.  Accredited to their win was “it must have been the new boat” said Justin.  Scott’s new Ranger 620 equipped with Mercury engines was purchased from Crowley Marine earlier this year which made for a comfortable day on the water. “Boat control was critical to our success in addition to utilizing our Lowrance fish finders” said Justin.  Jigging with crawlers and later in the morning switching to pulling spinners in the afternoon was enough to get the right fish and take the win.  Following closely behind Scott Beauvais and Justin Crump were Gene Metschke and Larry Call with a five fish limit weight in at 11.60 lbs.  Not far behind and finishing 3rd overall was the father son team of Bob and Dan Giordano with  11.55 lbs. Nipping on everyone’s heals was the leader from day 1 Barry Cundiff and Chet Williams with 11.52 lbs.  Rounding out the top five overall was the team of Brent Henry and Shane Klein with 11.23 lbs fishing out of their Ranger 621 powered by Evinrude engines.  Our big fish winner was Cary Weaver and Anthony Owen with a 1.67 lb Walleye.  We all know there are bigger walleye in Trinidad, but they eluded our anglers on this occasion.

Saturday night’s dinner was provided by Lisa’s Fabilis Wings from Trinidad.  By the way, if you have not tried their fabulous wings or their award winning Bacon, Chicken, Ranch pizza, you have no idea what you have been missing!  Lisa was also kind enough to bring our anglers donuts on Sunday am boat inspections which was a great augmentation to go with our Boyer’s coffee we serve each day of the tournament.

Fabilis Wings

103 W Main St.

Trinidad, CO 81082-2617

(719) 846-7298

“they deliver to your camp spot at the lake"

 Additional winnings for CWA tournament participants:

Top Mixed Team (Husband and wife team)

Justin and Devon Jones


$150 for the winning Ranger team was Scott Beauvais and Justin Crump with 1st place finish. $100 additional Ranger Cup for top placing Ranger Cup team by Crowley Marine.


Cabela’s Cash Winners:  Gene Metschke and Larry Call

$100 cash Top placing Lund sponsored by Crowley Marine

Winners: Ray Sr. and Ray Jr. Deichsel


Big fish estimation: Bob and Dan Giodarno’s won a new A-Better-Net ($200 value)

Saturday weight estimation: Mitch Peterson and Brad Qualley won a free CWA sponsored tournament entry sponsored by Canon Marine. ($200 value)

Sunday overall weight estimation:  Brian Henry and John Fast winning a custom wood carved Walleye sign and a $299 Navionics gift card. ($400 value)

****Thanks to all those who assisted at the weight stations, dinner and putting on the tournament****

Special thanks to all our sponsors of this event:



1401 Ulster Street,

Denver, CO 80220
(303) 355-5555


Penrose Super Store 
(Combined both Cañon and Springs)
Phone number: 719-372-3151 or Toll Free at 866-977-4378


Final Results

Overall Place Angler #1 Angler #2 M or Y Saturday Sunday Total Total Points
Weight # Alive Weight # Alive Sat + Sun
1 Scott Beauvais Justin Crump 5.55 5 6.13 5 11.68 100
2 Gene Metschke Larry Call 6.21 5 5.39 5 11.6 99
3 Dan Giordano Bob Giordano 5.33 5 6.22 5 11.55 98
4 Barry Cundiff Chet Williams 6.31 5 5.21 5 11.52 97
5 Brent Henry Shane Klein 5.84 5 5.39 5 11.23 96
6 Steve Katz Bob Katz 5.53 5 5.66 5 11.19 95
7 Frank Becvar Todd Christofferson 5.91 5 5.23 5 11.14 94
8 Brian Henry John Fast 5.38 5 5.51 5 10.89 93
9 Ray Deichsel Ray G Deichsel 5.49 5 5.18 5 10.67 92
10 Chris Woodman Brandon Jones Y 5.76 5 4.76 5 10.52 91
11 Craig Cunning Chantry Cunningq 5.32 5 5.16 5 10.48 90
12 Mike Williams Troy Musgrave 5.1 5 5.36 5 10.46 89
13 Cary Weaver Anthony Owen 4.02 5 6.39 5 10.41 88
14 Robert Katz Alan Katz 5.02 5 5.32 5 10.34 87
15 Doug Beane Bill Willingham 4.94 5 5.03 5 9.97 86
16 Brad Qualleye Mitch Peterson 5.11 5 4.77 5 9.88 85
17 Justin Jones Deven Jones M 3.78 2 5.86 5 9.64 84
18 Steven Spock Ronald Spock 5.06 5 4.24 3 9.3 83
19 Donald Watt Andreas Watt 5.28 5 2.87 3 8.15 82
20 Larry Walker Alan Schweitzer 3.75 4 2.89 5 6.64 81
21 Gary Mongelli Grace Mongelli M 3.91 3 0.6 0 4.51 80
22 Gregor Eigsti Jake Eigsti Y 1.59 1 0 0 1.59 79
23 Jeff Dewey Georgiann Dewey M 0 0 0 5
  Total 110.19 100 103.17 96 213.36
Tournament Stats:
Total Walleye 204
Ave. Walleye Wt. 1.05 lb
Sat. Big Fish 1.69lb Henry/Fast
Sun. Big Fish 1.66 lbs Weaver/Owen
Top Mix Jones/Jones
Ranger Cup Beauvais/Crump
Top Lund Deichsel/Deichsel
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